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Numb bums and being a beginner again ...

A huge part of my job role now is picking the gyms that we want to work with BTG, I travel all over the U.K. visiting them. (Potentially the world soon.)

This process has meant that I clock up thousands of miles travelling.

We recently sat down with our board of trustees to discuss if there’s a way to make the process less labour intensive, maybe gyms could just fill out a detailed form online and automatically qualify to start receiving our clients? Surely we could ask about the qualifications and facilities, read reviews, interview the owners online?

Well after driving over two thousand miles in January my numb bum was starting to think maybe that’s something we really should be considering.

And then I visited Scotland.

I managed to combine the trip to look at 2 gyms with a CrossFit 2 qualification course I was attending on the Saturday & Sunday.

I’ve been a gym owner for 4 years, I’ve done hundreds of classes and visited many gyms.

Yet there I stood in front of the arches of CrossFit Glasgow, frozen, in tears a few feet from the entrance.

And in that moment, It all came flooding back.

I remembered the first time I ever walked into a CrossFit gym.

So completely terrified to step forward into the unknown, but aware that lingering behind me was a life I didn’t want to be in anymore.

What if I make an idiot of myself?

What if I don’t know what to do?

What if everyone ignores me?

What if everyone stares at me?

Will they judge me for being unfit?

I don’t know if I can do this…..

I walked in and was met by 4 friendly staff faces and a wonderful group of people. Yes I was still nervous, but that initial interaction had me feeling like I could do it.

I have to give a special mention to Joe, the trainer assigned to my group.

You hear the phrase “be kind” banded around a lot but rarely do I get to see such genuine kindness displayed so authentically. Especially towards someone who was as inept as my fumbling, terrified self.

I went back to my hotel after the first day and realised just how important my job is.

When someone is struggling and they’ve come to BTG for support we have to make sure that we are sending them to the very best places.

Because you get one chance at a first impression. And the day someone gathers everything they have and walks into a gym it can be make or break.

Therapy enabled me to walk into a gym, but it was the gym that saved my life.

The gym assessments I make aren’t about equipment, facilities, size, or qualifications.

It’s about community, kindness and compassion.

Remembering what it’s like to be a beginner, and being in it to help other people better their lives, physically and mentally.

If you know a gym that aligns with what we do and they have space for fully funded new faces, get in touch so I can come and visit.

In person 😆

Vicky x

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