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About Us

Bridging the Gap, Mind Matters was founded in 2020 by Vicky and is now managed by herself and a committee of trustees. They employ the professional services of local therapists and personal trainers to provide the Respite Programme to individuals who are struggling with mental health.


Vicky's Story

Having never before struggled with any kind of mental illness, in 2018 an orthopaedic surgery caused Vicky to develop severe anxiety.


She pursued all the available options to try and get better, visiting her GP for advice and accessing the well known mental health websites but every path just led to waitlists, self help leaflets or costly options of private therapy. Unable to return to work, financial pressures started to add up. Things started to spiral and she felt herself slipping down the gaps into a dark place.


Vicky credits two things for her recovery, her Aunt paid for private counselling sessions, and she was welcomed into a gym community without financial commitment thanks to Andy who saw that Vicky needed help.


Without this support the outcome could have been very different. Mental health isn't a condition you wake up with one day, it is a moving scale. If we can catch it before it slips we can make a huge difference.


Using the lessons she learned during her experience Vicky founded BTG in order to provide a quick solution to those who are looking for support. Providing access to counselling and accelerating results by creating healthy routines and coping mechanisms with personal training.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap faced by those people trying to access support for their mental health. 

We aim to provide an integrated, multimodal approach to mental health care. Through our work we are raising awareness and reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness. We hope to be an influential force in reducing the mental health crisis and associated deaths  by suicide in the UK.

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