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Talking Therapy Onboarding

Make Your Difference



To become an affiliate you must be able to provide one to one counselling sessions to a high standard either online or within an accessible environment. Have full insurance and completed a core practitioner training course. Have a passion to help people reach their potential and carry out fundraising support to BTG.



We regularly apply for fundraising grants in order to continue to provide our services. However, the majority of our funds come from public donation.

All BTG affiliated providers are proud to work with us and regularly run fundraisers to support the cost of beneficiaries that access their services. 

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Once you are registered as a BTG affiliate professional you will have the opportunity to take on funded clients who require your services.


You can work remotely, flexible to your needs with as much or as little hours as you want.

Our outcomes are remarkable, and it is incredibly  rewarding to be a part of our mission.

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