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Can you provide high standard Personal Training?

Make an application to be involved in a national movement to bridge the gap for people who are experiencing hardship that will benefit from your expertise.

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In order to become an affiliated provider for Bridging the Gap, Mind Matters CIO there is a requirement to: - Have the ability to deliver 1-1 personal training sessions in a safe, confidential environment. - Provide a brief tour of your facility with a member of the BTG management team. - Have capacity to start with a client without more than a 7 day wait. Risk Management: - You must have adequate Insurance to instruct exercise sessions. Including third party liability. - You must have up to date risk assessments in place for instructing exercise sessions. - You must have a safeguarding policy for vulnerable adults. (We have a policy that you can implement within your facility if you don’t currently have one.) - You must have a Data Protection Policy. - You must perform a DBS check on any staff working with vulnerable adults. (If you want to work with under 18’s we also need an advanced DBS check and children's safeguarding policy). - Vulnerable adults will be flagged by the counselling team at triage and you will be made aware of their status. Payment terms are as follows: - Sessions are billable to BTG, Mind Matters CIO in arrears. - Up tp £400 Funding is provided for clients that complete the program. - Electronic invoices must be sent no later than 5 days after a beneficiary completes their sessions or declines any further sessions. Invoices must only be sent for sessions completed. - Sessions that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice may still be charged. - Clients that late cancel 3 sessions have to be referred back to BTG before any further sessions take place. Client Journey: - You must provide a regular update with your point of contact at BTG on the status of clients and their sessions. - A feedback form will be sent to the client upon receipt of your invoice, once this form has been completed by your client the payment will be made. - You must agree to hold fundraisers to provide respite programs for people who do not have employer sponsorship or self funding. There is no minimum amount you should raise but all money raised by your facility will be allocated to help people in your local community.

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