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Do you need mental health support?

Who Are BTG

Bridging the Gap, Mind Matters is a registered charity, providing practical support for individuals who are experiencing hardship. Our mission is to bridge the gap faced by those trying to access mental health services but not considered urgent enough for immediate care. This is the solution we are missing that will alter people's experiences and perceptions of mental health. Let's not wait until it is a crisis situation, let's support those who need it and prevent worse-case scenarios. 


The Respite Programme

BTG offers support to those who need it with the Respite Programme. The programme combines talking therapy with physical therapy to improve mental health and overall well-being.


Counselling Sessions

Users of the program have access to 1 talking therapy session per week for the duration of the 6-week program. This is an opportunity to develop coping mechanisms and support emotional regulation.


Physical Therapy

When you enrol onto a BTG program, you’ll be assigned a physical therapy provider local to you.  The sessions don’t take place in a “normal gym” we only use facilities that align with the BTG core values.


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